The Interpersonal Challenge: Emotional Intelligence in the Here-and-Now

The Interpersonal Challenge is an intensive training which combines a wealth of theoretical knowledge with practical skill-building activities. Participants learn by applying theory from minicontent inputs to their immediate interactions with one another, and by debriefing their learning experiences through quiet reflection or in partnership with other participants. Our experiential learning methods encourage leaders to give clear direction, take a stand for what they believe in, foster communication along any existing hierarchy, and connect with emotional intelligence to all levels of the organization.

Clear Leadership

Discover and enhance your aware self, your descriptive self, your curious self, and your appreciative self to increase your self-differentiation, ability to collaborate and partner with others, and lead effectively. This course provides the necessary skills for not only surviving but thriving in the midst of ordinary and challenging relationships.

Our next 4-day course is on January 18th, 19th, AND February 1st, and 2nd.


Board Orientations

Spend a day with your board building relationships, learning your roles and responsibilities, and seeing some directions for the year. Modules for the day can be chosen by your leadership based on your unique needs. Start yourselves of on the right foot for a more effective year.



Release the creativity and energy of any group who have ideas and resources but need some help in bringing these forth and finding where the energy of the group is best used. Harvest the results in such a way that people are already charged, excited, and ready to take up the plans and make them happen.

A Planning Day or Day and a Half

Knotworking.. a dynamic, participatory"strategic planning" process that creates a living plan to deliver high value, actionable next steps and an ability to flex and evolve in rapidly changing contexts.

Strategy is authored, owned and operated by everyone. It emerges from six compelling questions and built by all stakeholders using Liberating Structures activities that spark lively engagement by minimally structuring the way we interact while liberating content and expertise.

Knotworking keeps the complexity of challenges intact, balances predictability and unpredictability, and widens the circle of participation. It is visually anchored on a shared canvas. The plan is out of the file cabinet and into living, breathing life into your group.


This is a two and a half day process which can be split up for convenience. Find your future direction with "the whole system in the room". As a trained Future Search faciltator, I would work with a team from your organization to plan and execute a future search that includes all voices at the table.

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