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4 full days

8.30am to 4.30pm

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A Life-Changing Course!

The Clear Leadership training is a four-day program developed by Canada and BC’s own Dr. Gervase Bushe, considered by HR magazine to be among the top 7 organizational thought leaders in the world today. He posits that we easily land ourselves in “interpersonal mush” as opposed to cultivating “interpersonal clarity.” Mush can cause stress in relationships and has the potential to become toxic and lead to organizational dysfunction. The way out of mush and into clarity involves moving from fusion or detachment into self-differentiation, where we are able to be connected to and separate from others at the same time,

Many of us know the theory of self-differentiation but know that it is harder to practice than we might imagine. The beauty of this experiential course is that it allows us to learn about and practice these skills by means of learning partners, drills, and ­­­group exercises, that enable us to minimize the gap, thus reducing misunderstandings and sustaining group health.

The experiential course provides learning of the necessary skills through learning partners, drills, group exercises, that enable us to minimize the gap, thus reducing misunderstandings and sustaining group health.

Very Important Information. Please note...

Cost: This one time only $699 plus tax i.e. $733.95

Notes: Email PDF Handbook to print.

Text: Please buy "Clear Leadership" Book by Gervase Bushe (Available through Amazon).

Plus: Tea/Coffee, snacks available.

For Cost Saving: Please bring your own lunch.

Limit: 10 min and 18 max, 100% present.

Prep: Read first 4 chapters before first day.

Req: 100% presence in all sessions. Because of the way the course is designed you are needed in each session and on time.

Arrive a bit early to help with setup if you are able to our eternal gratitude...

BRING A TEAM: Bringing more than one person from your location can begin to provide your team with a shared language, skills and tools that will increase health and productivity every day.

Cancellations: Please note that there is no refund if cancelled within one week prior to the event. It is possible, however, to send someone in your place at no extra charge.

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